Our Services

Cole & Company, Inc. works with privately held companies wishing to obtain maximum value for their business operations through merger or acquisition. Our Colorado Business Brokers focus on Western Colorado and Northwest New Mexico offering investors and corporations the opportunity to acquire profitable businesses in growing, desirable, communities. Confidentiality is maintained throughout all processes. If you want to buy, sell or appraise a business, contact us today!

  • Business Valuation

    How many times have you heard a so-called expert tell you the value of a business is a multiple or percentage of this or that? This so called company valuation is nothing more than a rule of thumb (a principle with broad application that is not intended to be accurate or reliable) probably obtained from hearsay and you should never fall into this trap!

    Determining the value of a business takes skill, experience, independence and of course, certification!!!

    Most entrepreneurs, lenders, attorneys and financial professionals don’t know what the value of a business really is. And unfortunately, some arrive at the value by using tax returns, depreciation schedules or financial statements prepared for tax purposes as the only financial presentation of the business. But you should know, book value is not the same as fair market value and you need an expert whose training and experience provides the ability to derive a value that is both reasonable and supportable. Business professionals need a value that will hold up to scrutiny with lenders, buyers, IRS, courts and others. With our Business Valuations you can rely on a substantiated and defensible value of your business that will hold up to scrutiny. We can help cater to your specific needs whether it be how to value a small business or the valuation of a company that is much larger.

  • Seller Agency

    Selling a business is a major decision and may well represent your life’s work so you obviously want the the very best professional guidance available. We have the experience and expertise to properly package, market and sell a company to qualified buyers on both a national and international basis. We understand the need for confidentiality in this type of transaction so buyers are screened for both technical and financial sufficiency before discovery of your business. If you’re asking yourself “How do I sell my business?” and believe experience matters, call our Colorado business brokers; we specialize in transactions, not listings!

  • Buyer Advocacy

    We assist business buyers and investors in buying businesses and target acquisitions across multiple industries, locations and price. Our national and international affiliations combined with years of deal making experience can provide serious entrepreneurs with an advantage in the transaction. We’ll help you navigate the sea of unrealistic and unprepared sellers in today’s economy to find and acquire a business at a realistic price providing a respectable return on your investment.

  • Fiancing Solutions

    We work with SBA Lenders and Commercial Banks to offer as many financial solutions as possible to help both buyers and sellers reach their objectives when buying a business or selling a business. Contact us today for more information. 

  • Negotiations

    In todays business climate, direct negotiation between buyers and sellers is awkward at best. Our Intermediary Service reduces the tensions and allows for a reasonable approach to the transaction. It is critical to our business brokers that a positive relationship remain for both parties to ensure a smooth transition.